Mexico Travel Tips


Mexico is a great vacation destination.  It has a rich history and one of the oldest civilisations in the world. Parts of Mexico have been inhabited since prehistoric times, and the Aztecs ruled for thousands of years until the early 16th century until the Spaniards arrived. Ruins of Aztec history are all over Mexico and are some of the country's most popular attractions. Visit sites such as the ancient pyramids at Teotihuacan, which used to be topped with golden temples.


Mexico is a popular destination to visit because it offers lots of options for your vacation, from tours of ancient sites, to beach holidays, to city breaks. It also has a wide range of holiday accommodation, from luxury hotels to campsites. The main language of Mexico is Spanish, and the peso is national currency.  The friendly Mexican people go out of their way to help tourists and keep them happy. Like everywhere in the world, it's the people, really, who make the place and leave you with lingering impressions.